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How to Find the Best Health Care Provider to Get You Stuck in a Painful Medical Crisis

Health care providers can’t be trusted to provide safe, affordable, and quality health care.

Many doctors and hospitals are either underfunded, understaffed, or not providing adequate health care to their patients.

You don’t want to end up in that position, so we’re taking steps to protect you from the health care crisis.

If you need help, contact one of our healthcare experts right now.


New Irish sports medicine clinic to open in Cork

A new sports medicine and orthopedic clinic in Cork will be launched by Irish health officials today.

Dublin City Council’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Mark D’Arcy, said the first sports medicine centre in the country would be in Dublin by December.

Dr D’Armacy said he hoped the new facility would help tackle the issues associated with chronic and chronic non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, an incurable and fatal disease.

Dr Mark D’,Arcy.

Picture: John O’SullivanThe first sports and orthopaedic clinic will be opened by Dublin City Council by December, he said.

Dr Diarmace said the centre would also serve as a place for families to access physiotherapy, exercise, physiotherapy for knee, ankle, hip and knee injury support and rehabilitation.

The new clinic will offer physiotherapy at home, through a physiotherapy specialist, and also will offer a range of sports and physical therapies including boxing, football, swimming, swimming pool, cycling, tennis, ice hockey, and rugby.

The Irish Times understands the centre is one of a number of clinics planned in Dublin for the coming years.

Dr De Arcy said the aim was to provide physiotherapy to the population in the city centre, to tackle the issue of osteoarthritis, as well as to help tackle other health problems in the capital.

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