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Which teams have the best headache-relieving painkillers?

The latest research by Sport Mediaparts suggests that the best painkiller for headaches is the anti-inflammatory painkillers ibuprofen and naproxen, while the painkillers oxycodone and hydrocodone are the only ones to have the slightest benefit for people suffering from chronic pain. 

“The biggest problem for headache sufferers is that they are unable to take the medication with a proper dosage,” said one of the researchers, Professor Giovanni Boccaccio, from the Institute of Medicines and Health Systems, in Florence.

“This is why we need new drugs that can be taken with a low dose and a very long duration.”

The findings suggest that painkillers can help to reduce the pain of headaches, but they also have the potential to exacerbate the condition.

“Painkillers, when taken with enough time and the right dosage, can help with headache pain, but it is a little more complicated than that,” said Dr. Francesco Marchetti, an assistant professor at the Institute for Research in Medicine of the University of Padova.

“A very important issue is that the amount of painkillers needed for headache treatment can be increased to the maximum amount possible and that the pain is caused by a very low level of pain.” 

Dr. Marchetti said the study is an attempt to understand why the painkilling medication ibuproben is such a popular medication, which is not necessarily because of its high dosage but because of the long duration of use and the pain relief it offers.

“We have also tried to understand what is the effectiveness of painkilling drugs on chronic pain, and how effective they are in patients suffering from severe pain,” he said.

“It is clear that ibuprophen is very effective for chronic pain in patients who are suffering from a lot of headaches.”

The study found that the most effective painkillers for pain relief were naproxene and ibuproxen. 

However, there was also a correlation between painkiller dosage and the level of headache pain.

Dr. Boccacio said that the study has a few limitations. 

For instance, the study was not based on real patients, so the researchers cannot tell if painkiller use is associated with pain relief, so they are not able to conclude whether the use of ibupronfen is a benefit or a detriment for the headache sufferer. 

Also, it is not clear if painkillers are effective in all patients suffering a headache, and this could be because of a different response to the medication. 

Additionally, there are other possible side effects from ibuprin. 

Dr Boccascio said he hopes the study will lead to a new drug that is more effective and less addictive than the ones currently available. 

“[The study] is a first step toward understanding the painkiller interactions, and we will then start to look at how to make them more effective,” he added. 

Source Football Italiano

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