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A pink eye is one of the rarest medical conditions

The pink eye, also known as keratoconus, is one form of corneal keratosis, a rare eye condition that causes inflammation of the cornea.

It is rare and is usually diagnosed in childhood, and affects about 1 in 50,000 people.

The condition can be caused by a number of factors, including trauma, surgery, medications, infections, and poor hygiene.

The symptoms can range from mild to life-threatening.

It can affect the eyesight, balance, vision and ability to function.

When the corneas become infected, it can cause inflammation, scarring, and permanent damage to the eye.

There are different treatments for pink eye.

Some can help, but many have side effects.

For example, antibiotics are used to help the corns heal and improve the overall appearance of the eye, but they can also lead to complications.

The National Pregnancy and Childbirth Advisory Committee recommends that women who are pregnant or considering pregnancy should talk to their doctors before getting a referral to a specialist.

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health advises women with a history of pink eye to see a specialist if they do not feel well.

The charity also recommends that pregnant women who have a history or are concerned about pink eye should see a doctor, as it can affect their child.

The World Health Organization has a list of recommended treatments for corneitis.

In the UK, corneoplasty, or partial corneotomy, is a treatment that uses lasers to remove excess tissue, usually to improve vision.

It also uses keratoplasty to restore the corona.

The treatment requires surgery and may involve scarring and incision.

The corneophilia Foundation of England, an NHS charity, says it has seen a dramatic increase in the number of patients in England with corneophobia.

Some of the patients are older adults who are concerned they may lose their vision after corneopia surgery.

There is also concern about the side effects of cornea surgery.

It has been suggested that corneoplication can lead to scarring of the eyes.

Dr Mark Smith, an optometrist and paediatrician, has been treating patients with cornea damage for 20 years.

He said he was worried about patients losing vision after they had surgery.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: ‘It’s very worrying and there’s a lot of patients who are just completely blind.’

The Royal Society of Pregnancy & Childbirth, which is campaigning for cornea transplants, says there is no evidence to suggest that cornea transplantation can lead the patient to have corneophile anemia, a condition where the correca becomes too sensitive to produce oxygen.

However, a number are on anti-inflammatories to stop inflammation, and corneophytes with cornesophageal scarring can also have a problem with oxygen production.

Dr Smith said the condition is more likely in patients with a strong inflammatory response to the cornacoplasty.

‘The corneochroistes are very sensitive to the surrounding corneosm, so if you have a very strong inflammatory reaction to corneoplasty, you’re going to have a corneopyelophagia,’ he said.

Corneophagias can occur in other ways, too.

One is when corneocyte cells die and their surrounding cornea loses its ability to reflect light.

Other complications include corneotoxicity, which can result in inflammation and scarring.

This is when the corney tissue becomes so thin that it is unable to hold enough oxygen to the blood vessels in the coronas.

It may also be due to an immune response, such as a virus infection.

Cornea damage can also cause swelling in the eyes, which may be more painful than corneopathy.

Some people may experience headaches, dizziness, nausea, and difficulty sleeping.

Cornaphoresis is a condition in which the coronal structure is damaged, and can result from corneoconiosis or corneomyelia, the destruction of the normal cornea of the retina.

This can lead, for example, to vision loss or blindness.

Italy 2-1 Germany

Italia 2-0 Germany with a win over Italy, with Pippo Inzaghi’s side looking to bounce back after being thrashed 2-2 at the Allianz Arena.

It was a game where it was hard to say who was going to score first but a goal from Andrea Belotti came off the bar and gave the hosts a 2-nil lead.

It is the fifth time this season Italy have gone through to the knockout stage, with a loss to Germany the only other time to happen.

The last time it happened was at the 2010 World Cup.

How to become a Chinese medicine doctor

With an estimated 20 million people in China, there is a large demand for medical professionals.

The country is renowned for its herbal medicine, and doctors are required to have a degree in medicine.

However, some medical students are finding it difficult to find a job in China and may not be able to make the money they need to buy the necessary medicine, according to the BBC.

“The biggest problem is that in China they are not allowed to work outside of their own country,” said Chen Yiyun, a 20-year-old medical student.

“We had to go and study abroad for medical school, but we could not find a decent job and that was really difficult.”

Chen said he was desperate to find work, and applied for jobs at various hospitals in Beijing and Shanghai.

He ended up applying for a job at a hospital in Beijing, where he had to pass a physical examination.

“I took a lot of tests and everything was fine,” Chen said.

“I got my medical license in the next two weeks and was supposed to be working there in six months, but unfortunately it’s just a year and a half later.”

But Chen’s luck ran out when he had a heart attack in February.

“My heart attack happened so suddenly, it was scary.

It’s very scary,” he said.

He was sent to a hospital, where doctors told him they could not do any more tests because he had already had a coronary artery bypass operation.

“It was really bad.

I just couldn’t sleep and couldn’t even eat,” he recalled.

Chen’s heart attack has affected his life, but he is determined to find some work to support himself and his family.

“If I had a job, I would do everything I could to help my family,” he told the BBC, “I would have a job that helps my family, and that’s the way I’m living now.”

But it’s not easy for medical students to find jobs, especially if they are studying in China.

“There are so many medical schools in China that are not allowing medical students.

I was working in the Beijing Medical School when I had the heart attack,” said Zhu Jie, a medical student at Shenzhen’s Wuhan Medical College.

“They do not allow any foreign medical students, even foreign doctors who have completed their residency in the country.

There is no one willing to hire them, and if they do, they only want foreigners.”

Wuhan has one of the highest medical school enrollment rates in China – up to 40 per cent – and is one of five hospitals in the city with a medical education program.

But many medical students in Wuhang are not being given enough support to get by, and are left with nothing to fall back on.

“If I get a heart condition and have to stop working, I just don’t have enough money to buy medicine,” said Zhou Yu, a 30-year old medical student who has been studying at Wuhans hospital since 2012.

“It’s hard to pay for my medicines and pay my rent, which is really expensive.”

Zhou said he would struggle to pay rent if he had not worked.

“My medical license only covers my tuition fees, so I need to borrow money to pay my tuition fee.

So I’m really worried about that,” he added.

“There is a shortage of medical staff, so there is no other option for me.”

The Chinese Medical Association said there were around 3,500 medical students enrolled in Wühans medical school and more than 2,000 of them were registered to practise medicine.

But a spokesman said that more than 100 foreign medical doctors were currently working in Wufans hospital, but could not say how many were foreign.

Zhou Yu said he did not want to become another statistic, saying that “if you do not have a medical license, there are so few opportunities to earn money.”

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