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How to make sure you get the best medicine at the best price at your local sports medicine cabinet

The most common complaint from patients who get their healthcare from a sports medicine unit is the price tag.

A recent survey by the India Sports Medicine Association (ISMA) has found that sports medicine units have a lot of overhead costs.

The survey asked physicians and nurses to list all the expenses that the unit charges for the items they provide to patients, such as oxygen, oxygen masks, surgical gloves, etc. Here’s what they found out.


OXYGEN: The cost of oxygen is a huge chunk of a patient’s healthcare costs.

In 2016-17, an average patient had to spend around Rs 10,000 for oxygen at the Sports Medicine Centre.

According to the ISMA, it is the most expensive item that the team has to pay for.

A total of Rs 2.25 lakh was spent on oxygen during the survey.


OBSIDIES: OBSIDs, which can include medications, oxygen, and syringes, are another item that can cost around Rs 2 lakh.

The cost for each person is around Rs 1 lakh.


ANTI-AEDS: AEDs are a commonly used anti-inflammatories and can cost up to Rs 2 crore a year.

An average patient spends around Rs 3,000 on the prescription for an anti-inflammatory, with the cost rising up to around Rs 4 lakh if a patient is also using an antihistamine.


LABOR: In 2016, an estimated 1.8 crore Indians got treatment at an antiabiotic unit, with a total cost of Rs 1.28 lakh.


Surgical gloves: A surgical glove costs around Rs 50,000 a year in the current fiscal, and costs around $1,000-1,500 for each patient, according to ISMA.


SURGERY EQUIPMENT: An average person has to spend Rs 30,000 to get surgery equipment.

According a study by the National Centre for Public Health and Family Welfare (NCPHFW), a surgical glove cost an average of Rs 5,000, and an average hospital stay time for an anesthesiologist is around eight days.


MEDICAL LABOUR: The average patient has to cover Rs 7,500-10,000 of his or her healthcare costs, and up to 50% of that is covered by the state government.


COVID-19: In India, the healthcare cost of COVIDs is a massive amount.

A study by an IMS Research Foundation team in 2017 found that the average patient will have to pay at least Rs 2,500, and can also pay at the local level.


STOMACHS: Stomachs cost around around Rs 40,000 annually in the country, with an average cost of around Rs 25,000.


SUSPENSION EQUIP: An IMS research study found that around Rs 75 lakh is spent on surgical care for every patient, and that an average person will have around Rs 100,000 in surgery equipment and surgical supplies.

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How to find a hospital that’s not yet accredited to treat you

There are currently three hospitals in Australia accredited by the Medical Accreditation Council of Australia, the highest level of accreditation, to treat people with serious conditions.

But that’s all set to change, with the government announcing it will require hospitals to increase their levels of training and accreditation.

The changes will also require more hospitals to make improvements in patient care.

Dr Ian Blyth, who runs the Australian Institute of Medical Research, says the changes could mean the “crisis of the future”.

“There will be more and more hospitals that won’t be able to get accredited because they have failed to meet the new requirements,” he said.

“There’s been no change in the current accreditation regime for a number of years, and there is no change that we think will affect the level of training or accreditation of hospitals in the future.”

But Dr Blyh says he’s concerned the changes will make it harder for people with a condition to be treated, and for people to access the services they need.

“In a way, the changes to the accreditation scheme are a sort of counter-productive step that I think is going to exacerbate the problems that we’ve already seen in Australia,” he says.

Dr B, who also runs the Australasian Association of Physician Assistants, says that while the changes are welcome, they will only make a dent in the crisis of the situation for people living with the disease.

“These changes are likely to make things worse, but they will make things better in the long term,” he explains.

“It will mean that there’s less people getting care and more people getting treated and more beds available to patients, and it will also mean that hospitals that are accredited will be able more easily to accept more people with acute care conditions.”

The changes to accreditation will apply to all Australian hospitals by the end of 2020, and the changes apply to the Medicare health service as well.

Dr B points out that there are some hospitals that have not met the new standards, and says the government should consider the changes before they go into effect. “

Another approach that we know about is the Medicare system’s system of hospital-level accreditation.”

Dr B points out that there are some hospitals that have not met the new standards, and says the government should consider the changes before they go into effect.

“That’s because the changes require the government to consider and review whether they are adequate, and we need to be able and willing to make changes to meet those requirements,” Dr B says.

“If we can’t, we will not be able for the future to be safe for patients and for the healthcare system.”

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