The science of a viral cure for diabetes

Jul 12, 2021 Blog

By The Associated PressA study shows a new vaccine made from a genetically engineered bacterium may be a step toward a new way to treat type 2 diabetes.

Scientists from Nebraska Medicine and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln report in the journal Nature Communications that the bacterium, Sabinoidium leucoravirus, which can cause mild and severe autoimmune disorders, can be used to fight a deadly form of the disease.

The virus can help slow the progression of type 2 disease by blocking certain immune cells that cause inflammation and triggering the production of insulin.

The new vaccine, which was developed by the company BioSensors Corp., has been shown to have a significant safety profile in trials that used Sabin-resistant mice.

It was tested in the mice that develop the disease in humans.

The company says the vaccine also works with other bacteria to help slow progression of the autoimmune disease in people.

In a review article, the authors of the Nature Communications study said the study was a preliminary look at a novel vaccine for type 2, and the results could be used for future studies.

The study also included testing of a strain of the virus that can be produced in lab and then used in people by the Nebraska Medical Center.

The scientists found the vaccine works by blocking the production and activation of an immune response.

The researchers also found that the vaccine can protect people from severe complications from the autoimmune disorder.

The company BioCure Systems said the vaccine is a combination of two previously-discovered molecules, the proteins BAB-1 and BAB1a, which have been shown in animals to be capable of attacking and blocking the development of antibodies to Sabin.

The vaccine was first tested in mice and was later tested in humans, said company president John Kostroff.

The researchers used the Sabin gene as a template to create the new vaccine.

In the process, the gene was mutated so that it became less active.

The proteins were tested in a large group of mice, including the ones in the study.

In those mice, the vaccine did not work in any of the mice who were treated with the vaccine, but in the vaccine treated mice, there was a significant reduction in the number of Sabin molecules present in their blood.

The mice were also able to produce the SAB-like antibodies.

The next step for the company is to test the vaccine in people and determine whether it is safe to administer in a larger trial.

It is not clear how the new Sabin vaccine would protect people against the deadly autoimmune disease.

In addition to its ability to block the production, activation and destruction of the immune system, the new drug also protects the body against infection.

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