UAB doctors diagnose gut pain and antibiotics in UTI patient

Sep 15, 2021 Blog

A patient who went to the hospital with stomach pain and had no fever after contracting a rare yeast infection has been found to have been in intensive care.UAB Medicine Associate Professor of Medicine Dr Peter G. Lecher said the patient was discharged from hospital on Thursday.

He said it was a very unusual case and that it could not be excluded that this was an isolated case.

“In most of the cases that we see in hospital in the United States, the patient has a temperature of approximately 103.

The patient had a temperature that was probably much higher, but the patient didn’t show any symptoms,” Dr Leccher said.”

There are a lot of different ways to treat this but in this case, we’ve seen a high level of fever, but no evidence that the patient had any infection.”

This patient is in intensivecare, and so we are trying to isolate the patient.

“Dr Lechers said the case was a new one, and it was difficult to say how long it might be before the patient returned to normal activity.”

The most likely scenario is that the condition that is causing the fever is something that is not yet completely understood,” he said.

The patient is a 22-year-old woman who had been diagnosed with bacteremia, a bacterial infection, at the UAB Medical Centre.

Dr Lecther said he had been advised by a gastroenterologist to be cautious in treating the patient with antibiotics.”

It’s a bit early to say what’s going to be the next step,” he added.”

However, if this is a bacterial pneumonia, then that’s going be the last thing we’d do, and that’s what we’re doing.

“He said the antibiotics would likely be administered by a paediatric gastroenterology nurse.

Dr David Pemberton, an associate professor of infectious diseases at the university, said the bacteria were resistant to other antibiotics and were also extremely contagious.”

If the patient is exposed to the patient and develops symptoms that are associated with bifidobacterium, they can spread to other people,” Dr Pembertons said.

He added the patient appeared to be stable but he would be monitored closely.

He was not a microbiologist, but he did have a background in infectious diseases.”

She’s got a long history of gastroenteritis, so we’re hoping that the antibiotics are going to have an impact,” Dr Fussell said.

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