Baby dies after being fed formula while pregnant

Aug 6, 2021 Accessories

Baby dies from complications from formula fed by a family medicine practitioner, the mother has claimed.

A mother who was given formula while breastfeeding said she felt sick, and had to go to the emergency department after she went into labour.

Ms Shama, 22, said her daughter, Komali, became ill on the morning of January 15.

Ms Komalidha said she had been feeding Komalis formula from a bottle in her bedroom and then left to go shopping in the street.

“She was feeling so good, so happy.

We were all over the place, we were so happy,” she said.”

Then she woke up to find me crying, she was really distressed.”

Ms Shamas husband Komalu was also called to the house, and the couple decided to take the baby for a walk to see if she was OK.

“I was trying to comfort her, I was hugging her and holding her, she didn’t want to come back,” Ms Shamas said.

She said she realised Komalit was not breathing, and needed to be taken to hospital.

Ms Sangeeta said Komalim was taken to the local hospital where doctors found she had complications from the formula.

“Her heart was beating really fast, but her heart stopped,” she told ABC Radio Adelaide.

“So they put her on ventilator and we were just trying to help her, but she was not responding.”

Ms Sangeson said her baby was now breathing and had a pulse, but still had a lot of complications.

“When I got to the hospital she was still breathing but the doctor could not help her.

They said she could have a stroke, and we did not have any options,” she added.”

The doctor told me she was going to have a heart attack, but the nurses said that was just normal.”

Komali is now a baby with a life threatening condition, and they have to do what they can to save her life.

“Ms Sharadha, who also goes by the name Komalizada, said she is hoping to get a second child from her husband.”

It’s a tough situation, but I am glad to be here with my baby,” she explained.”

At the moment we have no other choice, so I am going to get the second child, so we will be able to have two kids.

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